Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Second Look--September 10, 2014

It's going to be hot and steamy today, but we've had beautiful weather the last couple of days--just like fall should be. And speaking of fall, the first of the fall flowers has bloomed--the Autumn Joy Sedum. Even though we haven't seen as many butterflies this year, the skipper butterflies seem to be flocking to it. The mums, the classic flower of fall, are budding but haven't bloomed yet. However, there must be several other things flowering because everyone's fall allergies are starting to act up.

Here are a few things a saw this week during 

Skipper butterfly on newly blooming sedum.

This spider has caught a lot in its web. It's hard to see, but look carefully at the bottom of the "mess".

Most of the coneflowers have faded or gone to seed. However, here's one that is still hanging on.

Another skipper butterfly. (There are many different kinds of skippers, and also the name of this flower escapes me at the moment.)

The black walnuts are starting to fall making it tricky to walk sometimes.

Coltsfoot seeds (At least, I think that's what these are.)