Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Garden Tour

As part of my Mother's Day gift, I took a home garden tour in Georgetown, a famous neighborhood in Washington, DC. Think history, rich people, and senator's homes. That's some of what you'll find there. The tour has a long tradition (86 years) with the local garden club and is their main fund raiser for beautification projects in the area.

The tour definitely took us out of the suburbs and into the city. Streets were crowded, parking was difficult, and everything was more expensive. However once we were situated, we had a good time meandering among the houses. Everything was within a few blocks of each other and the weather was good. It started to rain about 2/3 of the way through, but that wasn't bad either because it was not cold.

Come take a virtual tour with me.

The sidewalks were brick in front of the houses and had small flower beds spaced along them.

The front entrances to some of the houses were right on the sidewalk and some of them had a bed/small yard in front.

To get to most of the gardens, we had to go down long alleys between buildings.

Many of the gardens/yards were small and all of them were surrounded by a fence.

Grass was a rare sight because of space limitations in most gardens.

This was the only vegetable garden we saw although we did see herbs planted here and there other places. I think the lack of veggies was for two reasons--shady lots and small spaces. The gardens with this house were large and terraced across three levels.

The houses often seemed to be in a jumble. Many of them were 100-200 years old and had been added onto and modified throughout the years.

This was one of the larger and older houses we visited. All of the residences we saw were currently being lived in.

This modern garden fit perfectly with the modern style architecture of the house it went with. The house was impressive but seemed out of place among the older brick homes.

This dinosaur visited all of the gardens along with a little boy who was touring with his grandfather. The dinosaur often stopped to eat as he as doing in this picture.

While I enjoyed the gardens, my favorite thing of the day was this garden club lady's outfit. I think that's because she was wearing pink cloth gloves. Oh, the fashions of days gone by. Sigh.