Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Second Look--March 19, 2014

Spring is officially here tomorrow and if I look at things objectively, it really is spring outside--meaning the plants are putting out new green leaves despite the fact that they keep getting covered up with snow.

Once again, we had a lot of variability in the weather this past week. The weekend saw temperatures in the 60's followed by rain and snow the next couple of days. Although we haven't had another heat wave, the snow is melting.

Here's what a saw this week during a Second Look.

Saturday was windy and warm with temps in the 60's.

Sunday and Monday the snow came.

By Tuesday much of the snow had melted, especially under the trees. Other places still had a few inches.

The snow was deep enough around the area of this fungus that I was glad I had my boots on.

I guess there's a reason they call these snowdrops.

Another crocus. My count is now up to two.