Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Stories

Okay, this is getting old. For the third time in a month and a half, I got the phone call. The one after which, I jumped in the car with my sister and met my mother in the emergency room three hours away. Usually, we get there about the same time, but this time she beat us because she got to go by helicopter. And this time was different in another way. After a couple of days, my mother was feeling better and started to act like her old self again. So, this meant her stories came out. My sister and I shared knowing looks with each one and occasionally we let the staff in on our family secrets. But sometimes, they just left the room with a puzzled look. 

We may get more puzzled looks soon because this recent adventure gave a whole new set of stories to share. We won't expect everyone to understand as we tell about the helicopter ride and the hammer toes. However, my mother, sister, and I will nod knowingly and smile as we remember.