Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thankful Sunday, November 9, 2014

I am thankful I get to spend time with Sarah today.
Below I am rerunning a post about Sarah so you will see why.

The Present is the Present

I am lucky that I get to spend some Sunday mornings with my friend, Sarah, a special needs teenager. I buddy with her during Sunday School as we visit different programs that she enjoys. Two things you need to know about Sarah (other than how sweet she is) is that she loves nature and can be quite determined.

She was exhibiting these two traits one day last fall as we were walking from one building to another on the church campus to go to a singing activity. I was trying to hurry her along only half listening as she showed me a bug or a leaf that she found interesting along our path. When we were almost to our destination, she said she was not going any further and sat down under a maple tree. After a brief moment of frustration, I stopped and remembered that there was no agenda for the morning except for Sarah and me to enjoy ourselves. It was okay if we skipped singing this time.

Sarah then told me to come and that we were going to play a game to see if the falling leaves would touch us as they fell from the tree. We sat still and felt the warm air of the morning and watched the leaves float around us in a gentle breeze. Up until this point, I hadn't even noticed what a beautiful morning it was.

You have probably heard the saying, “The present is the present.” Never has this been more evident than it was that morning with Sarah. 
(In case anyone is wondering who won the game—she did. Sarah had a total of three leaves fall on her and I had two.)


  1. Sarah sounds like a joy. I like her leaf game. :)

    1. Today, she picked various kinds of leaves along our walk looking for just the right ones. Then she presented them to me as a gift. The time before she showed me the difference between a female and a male cricket. Book learning is hard for her, but she knows more about nature that most people. And I always enjoy my time with her.

    2. I wonder if anyone besides me needed to read this today. Seems like we all get so wrapped up in to-do'sfor tomorrow that we forget about the now. Lovely!

    3. I think enjoying the present is something that most of us need help with. It's something that I'm working on all of the time and reminders like this are most welcome.


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