Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Second Look--November 18, 2014


The cold is finally here. After teasing for a week or so, there is no doubt--it is cold.  It's been very windy and in the 20's F today, so when I went outside to do my Second Look, I only made it part way around the house. Then I decided that it was time to go inside. However, Ward says that weather like this is refreshing, so if he ever gets home from work before it's dark, maybe I'll send him out to see what he can see. In the meantime, I did get a few pictures.

Here's what I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

The view out of my kitchen window. Doesn't it look cold?

I'm going to have to do something about the ice in the bird bath if I want them to be able to use it.

The cold-hardy mums haven't quite disappeared, but they are looking a little scraggly.

The buck visited again this week, but this time he was alone.

The red-bellied woodpecker visited today for the first time since spring.

The downy woodpeckers have also been enjoying the suet.


  1. It's cold here, too. I spent this morning watching two young deer playing in the field. I never think to take my camera out when I

    I love your photos!

    1. It's fun to watch the young ones, isn't it. I can see how they're testing their mother or haven't quite figured out what they should be doing. I think the youth are the same no matter what the species.

  2. It's deer hunting season out here--all the hunters would be salivating at the sight of your buck!

    We have a good foot of snow on the ground, so your pictures actually look warm to me! :)

    1. I actually thought about deer season, too when I saw this guy. As you may know, hunting was how we got our meat many years while I was growing up. However, I was never in on the hunting part of it. I don't think I could do it.

  3. It's chillier here too, but not so chilly as to have ice outside. I'll never tire of your woodpecker 'em every time.

    1. You will probably see more woodpecker pictures coming. They are one of the easiest birds to take a picture of because the stay in place for a while eating suet.


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