Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Second Look--October 15, 2014

Seems like I've been very busy these days--both with some good stuff and with some not so good stuff, but busy enough that my regular routine has been non existent. Among all of the busyness, I've still tried to keep up with both my Second Look posts and my Thankful Sunday posts because I realized that they are very good for me. My stress level goes down as soon as I go outside to see how things have changed during the week. Also, taking time to think about what I am thankful for helps put things in perspective. So without further ado,

Here is this week's Second Look.

This is a volunteer petunia in a pot where I had purple basil planted. It bloomed this week for the first time.


This spider played hide-and-seek with me on this celosia plant. Every time I tried to take its picture, it would scurry around to the other side of the plant.


We had several rainy, cool days and the mushrooms were popping up everywhere.

These mums are not planted in the right spot for maximum blooms, but they are still a colorful addition to an otherwise bare area.

Notice the covering brown oak leaves behind the Rozanne geranium.

The maple leaves are also starting to fall.

Every year I marvel at how this maple tree loses its leaves from the top down.


  1. Beautiful! It is a bad weather day here and your photos brightened my morning.

  2. Being outside is great for my stress level, too. The spider/celosia picture is great. I think I'll follow your lead and get outside for my own "second look". Thanks for showing us these pictures. I'm sorry about your not-so-good-stuff in your life.

  3. Sending you best wishes from across the pond for coping with all that's going on for you. I agree, getting outside helps put a wider perspective on matters.


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