Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Second Look--September 24, 2014

This week I did a Second Look in the morning--not my typical time because I'm really not a morning person. However I decided it was time to try a different perspective on things in honor of the official  beginning of Fall. When first I went out, the air was cool and the sun was up but there was still fog in the valleys and dew on the grass. The birds were fairly quiet except for the cawing of some noisy crows and the drumming of a persistent woodpecker. As the sun rose higher in the sky, these were joined by more melodious sounds of other birds. The bees and other insects appeared to be waiting for the day to warm up before they began their activity because I saw very few of them compared to later in the day. The plants are continuing to change as some leaves are turning red while others are going straight to brown. However, there still bits of color from summer here and there.

Here are a few things I was this week 
during a Second Look.

Dew covered most things including this balloon flower.

Fungus on rotting stump.

Honeysuckle berries. The birds love these, but they can be poisonous for humans.

A few of the coreopsis are still blooming, but most are turning to seed.

Roxanne geranium

At first I thought the inchworm on this coneflower was a stick, but it appears that it was just still "sleeping."


  1. I'm not a person who loves to interact with others in the morning, but I like to do what you did--have some quiet time alone outside in the early hours. It's the most peaceful time of day. My preferred time for bike riding is on a weekend morning--everything seems fresh and the bunnies get scared when they see me ride by. It's fun to see them hopping away.

    1. I was in a much better mood on the morning that I went out. Perhaps, it should become a regular thing although it is really a struggle to make myself do anything in the morning.

    2. One of my coworkers in a former job told me she could tell the mornings when I went on a bike ride before work because my mood was so much better. Guess I must have not been much fun to get along with otherwise during early work hours! Having kids as forced me to learn to be more pleasant in the a.m. but it's still not my favorite.

    3. That's interesting. Maybe we should all to get outdoors in the morning. Everyone else might be happier if we did. :)

  2. Morning? For me that's the time between midnight and when I eventually drag myself to bed! :-) But your description sorta reminds me of my paper route days as a kid - just me and the milk trucks as the sun was rising. There's something fun about having the world to yourself in that way... if it just didn't involve getting out of bed so darned early! :-)

    1. I know what you mean. I love the morning except for the fact that it's in the morning.


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