Monday, December 16, 2013

Natural Centerpiece

I have a very clever friend who is good at many things but is especially known for her flower arranging. And when you're known for having a special skill, you are often asked to use it.  So, she "volunteers" to decorate every year for our holiday luncheon at work. Meaning, every year she decorates the tables with centerpieces that she makes for very little money, and afterwards they are highly sought after when they are given away as door prizes. She had a couple of ideas I thought I would share with you in case you want to incorporate them into something you might do. And did I mention she was clever? She does not live in the world of Pinterest so all of this came from her own imagination.

The centerpieces had a natural theme and except for the thin candle, they were low to the table so they didn't block you from seeing and talking to the people across from you. (A pet peeve of mine with some table decorations.)

All of the pieces that made up the arrangements were found pieces. Some were from coworkers yards (like mine) and some were found in parking lots.

Can you tell what the base is? It's the bottom of a Chinese take out container. She discovered these from me since she rarely eats out to know about such things. I take them to her sometimes to put under her plants, and I took her several more when she decided that they would make the perfect base for the arrangements. The beads around the edge are an inexpensive garland. You could really put anything around the edges you wanted.  A more neutral color would allow you to change the candle and use this arrangement different times of the year.

The candle holder was cut from a plastic wrap tube. It turns out that it is just the right size for a standard candle. Who knew? (Well, some of you out there probably did.)