Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Spy--Christmas Ornaments

Can you find these ornaments?

1. One of the state I grew up in

2. A snowflake crocheted by my aunt

3. The cats' favorite ornament to play with (Hint: Look for low hanging fruit.)

4. A dried orange slice ornament that I made last year

5. An angel made from china (the plate not the country).

6. A wood carving of the manger scene made in Bethlehem

7. A cinnamon ornament of the state of Texas made by Wally in first grade

8. An ornament made from buttons from my grandmother's button can

9. An ornament made by Theo in preschool that he was not too happy about

10. A White House ornament depicting a scene from the wedding of the only president to get married at the White House

Do you have a favorite ornament or Christmas decoration?