Monday, October 28, 2013

Let the Fun Begin

or We will finally have level floors.

For years, or actually since we first moved into this house 16 years ago, the uneven floors in the kitchen have bothered me. They are structurally sound, but are uneven. Uneven enough that we've only had one choice for flooring--vinyl because it will bend easily over the ups and downs. I decided that it is finally time that they get leveled. Well when you start looking at floors, one flows into the other, moldings multiply, and cabinets have to be moved. In other words, a major upheaval. Four rooms of stuff need to be compressed into one with some overflow to the garage. All major appliances are out of commission as well as the water from time to time.The cats are in only the basement for a few weeks and they are not happy.

The actual construction/deconstruction began this morning. We're not sure how the food thing will work, but we've put some things in the basement. We still have one room of stuff to move including this computer. If you don't hear from my for awhile, I'm lost in the world of new-things-to-come.