Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Second Look--October 23, 2013

The days this week have been predominated by wet and dreary weather and some mornings have been downright cold with actual frost to scrape from the windshield.  The leaves are about at their half way point as far as color is concerned, and there are now plenty to rake/mow. In some areas I had to look hard, but there are still a reasonable number of flowers blooming. I always enjoy this time of year when we get color from both leaves and flowers. Here are some things I saw this week during my Second Look.

The hydrangea is getting a darker color of pink each week.

Another color of mum bloomed. These had several insects buzzing around them.

Most of the balloon flowers look like the seed pods on the left. This lone flower is refusing to believe it's fall.

The rest of the begonias turned brown about a month ago, but this one is still going strong.

Female cardinal and tufted titmouse. The female cardinal shares the feeder better than the male one does.

Dead nettle

Maple tree and leaves from it. The lower half of the tree is mostly green.