Monday, September 30, 2013

Boys vs. Girls--The Pig

 Before I had kids, I thought that each child was an individual, and didn't believe much in gender stereotypes in children. Little boys ran and jumped a lot because that's the kind of games they were taught. Little girls played with dolls because that was the kind of toys they were given. I thought that if all kids, regardless of gender, were exposed to the same things, they would have the same tendencies. Then I spent some time in the real world of kids and figured out that I was wrong. Possibly there were some differences between boys and girls. From time to time, I'm going to share some of my experiences that led me to this conclusion. However, so as to not bias you, I'm going to let you guess, who are the boys in the stories and who are the girls.
Today's Story

I was at a pig roast where the pig was roasted with head and all. As it was laying on the table waiting to be carved, one child about five years old came over to investigate. Another child about the same age was swinging and appeared to have no interest in the pig. I saw the one, who was curious about the pig, poking at its face. Then heard them exclaim, "Mom, look! I picked the pig's nose."

One child was a boy and one was a girl. You decide: Who was the nose picker and who was the swinger?


The boy was picking the pig's nose and the girl was swinging.