Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Second Look--September 24, 2013

Monday fall was officially here and I went looking for signs of it this week during a Second Look. Here's what I found.

A few of the leaves have started to change, but the trees are still largely green. Notice that these sweet gum leaves first start changing with little dots across them. A new observation for me.

Squirrels build a nest every year in this oak tree. They will be using it during the winter to keep warm.

The poke berries are starting to ripen. They will be enjoyed by a variety of birds and critters this fall and winter.

The walnuts are falling and the squirrels are starting to bury them. A squirrel ran by the other day with one in its mouth and gave the cats a show.

The abelia blossoms are small but they continue to bloom through the fall.

The dogwood berries have ripened and the leaves are starting to change. These berries will also be a treat for many birds and mammals.

And a reminder from this Gerber daisy that summer still wants to linger even though fall is officially here.