Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Estate sale

There was an estate sale last weekend at a house near where Miss Landers lives and we made a visit to it as a family outing. Theo was looking mainly for tools and I thought Wally should be looking for things to outfit an apartment. Ward and I weren't sure what we were looking for but thought we would know it when we saw it.

The man who used to live in the house lived to the ripe old age of 90 and had plenty of time to pursue his favorite hobby--finding bargains at thrift stores. Therefore there were plenty of clothes and dishes and tools. Not out for sale, but he also had books signed by Einstein. That made for an eclectic accumulation of things to say the least.
Ward is starting to redo this table we purchased.

I concentrated on kitchen things for Wally because he thought he already had what he needed--some plates, bowls, and a pot. I added a few more things like measuring cups, cooking spoons, and a cookie sheet. He wandered around and found things that he thought the other members of the family might be interested in. Ward was a little overwhelmed with the whole thing but was happy when he found a table with just tools. Theo was the one who was focused. He carefully considered most things he saw.

The bargaining styles of the family were just as different as their shopping styles. Wally did no bargaining because he did no shopping. I generally paid what was marked on the items, but tried to group items and get a discount on the whole lot. Ward paid whatever was marked on the item and hesitated about buying things that weren't marked. And Theo was there to get a fair price--for everyone. For example, when he asked the elderly woman running the sale how much the clock on the mantel was, she suggested $5. He said he would feel better if he paid her $10, so he did. And so it went. I wasn't sure if I were proud of him for doing what he thought was right or thought I needed to give a lesson in second hand sales.

All in all, we were happy with our purchases. Wally got a few more things for his kitchen and Theo got a clock and some tools. Ward and I got among other things a side table, measuring cup, and a box of new drawer slides. Now it's time to fix up, redo, and put away our new treasures.

What's your bargaining style at second hand sales?