Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Morning

It's Monday morning and I am awoken by the sun coming through the light blocking blinds.( They never did live up to their name). I check the clock and realize that I don't have to get up yet, so I snuggle close to Ward to sleep some more. However, sleep doesn't return because my mind is busy with the activities of the day. And soon Leo joins us to let us know that the cats have gone all night without food and they are STARVING!  I decide to get up. I gather a load of laundry and take it to the basement to wash as I feed the cats. They are very grateful.

I turn on the news to see what happened while I was sleeping and check the weather. It should be cool with rain, and even though I know it's very important, I can't concentrate on the troubles of Egypt. My mind is filled with what we might have for dinner tonight. Quiche is on the menu, but it seems too soon to have an egg dish after the omelets we had yesterday. I won't be home until late today, so the chicken soup in the freezer seems like a good choice.

After a bowl of Cheerios, I check the bird feeder on the way to the shower. I see a cardinal and a finch this morning. Soon I leave for work. My timing is good today, so I won't have to get annoyed when I get behind a really slow car. (We'll see how that works.) Another day, another dollar.