Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Second Look--Weekend Edition, June 29, 2013

Okay. How did this happen? It's not that important in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me wonder. I've been going around my yard for two years now during a Second Look trying to look at things with a curious set of eyes. I've been trying to see new things among the old things and see old things in a new way. I've been trying to observe the change of things and the sameness of things.

So how is it that I never noticed the very obvious pink blossoms on one of our trees? And I didn't actually notice them. It was Wally.  The interesting part of all of this was that a few days earlier, we were visiting with my father-in-law and we drove by one of these trees. He asked if I knew anything about them because he thought they were pretty. I said I didn't really know anything except they were supposed to be messy. Little did I know I had one in my yard--a mimosa tree.

The mimosa tree is a small tree that originated in Asia and is generally used as an ornamental tree. Honey bees and butterflies like its flowers, and its seed pods are sometimes used to feed livestock. However, in some areas, it is considered an invasive species.

So what did I learn from this eye-opening experience? Don't become complacent because you never know what might be right under your nose.

Okay, in my defense, I'd like to believe that this is the first year this tree had bloomed. And look. It's nestled between a Japanese maple and Juniper tree. Hard to see, right? :) This is actually why I keep doing a Second Look. I really don't know what I might find.