Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ponderings of Theodore--the Early Years

In honor of National Poetry Month this month, I am posting a poem then and again. Today's poem is one Theo wrote in elementary school about our cat, Lucy.

Lucy came to us as a kitten with her brother, Lucky. They were fairly typical kittens that liked to jump, pounce, and leap at anything that moved. However, Lucy had an her own special extra talent-chewing. She chewed paper and she chewed metal grates. She chewed strings. Actually, she cut strings. One bite and they were in two pieces. It was like she had a pair of scissors in her mouth. And shoe strings were her favorite. Many times we would start to lace up our shoes and realize that one or both of our strings were in two pieces. Eventually, we learned to hide our shoes because Lucy didn't grow out of this chewing/cutting phase for a while. Here's Theodore's comment about this situation.

It wasn't long after this that Lucy developed her scissor skills.
Lucy ate my shoe strings.
Now my shoes I can't string.
Because there's too little string,
To string up my shoe strings.