Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boys vs. Girls--camping

Before I had kids, I thought that each child was an individual, and didn't believe much in gender stereotypes in children. Little boys ran and jumped a lot because that's the kind of games they were taught. Little girls played with dolls because that was the kind of toys they were given. I thought that if all kids, regardless of gender, were exposed to the same things, they would have the same tendencies. Then I spent some time in the real world of kids and figured out that I was wrong. Possibly there were some differences between boys and girls. From time to time, I'm going to share some of my experiences that led me to this conclusion. However, so as to not bias you, I'm going to let you guess, who are the boys in the stories and who are the girls. 
Today's Story

When he was 11, Wally and I were discussing Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps. He was telling me what he had done at the camp that he had just returned from, and I was reliving my days at Girl Scout camp when I was about the same age. Among other things, we were comparing tents, cooking, and swimming. One of us swam in a lake and one of us swam in a pool. When one commented that there was a long hill that they walked down to go swimming, the other one said, “Did you race down the hill to see who could get there first?” To which the reply was, “No, we stayed in a group and sang songs.”

You chose: Which was the boy and which was the girl?
Answer: I was the one going down the hill singing songs with the other girls. It never occurred to us to race. However, that was the first thing Wally thought of when I said that had a long hill to go down.

But Wait, There's More:
I didn't provide answers to the other Boy vs. Girls stories and some have been asking. So here they are if you want to play catch up
Answer: Lily was the one cuddling her animal and talking to it. Wally was the one dragging his animal on ground and generally not paying much attention to it unless he hit something with it. It was very clear that Lily had a baby, and Wally had a toy.

Answer: The girls were the ones carefully opening each valentine and reading the messages. The boys ripped any candy off the valentines they got, then started playing with one of the party treats--Red Hots cinnamon candies. Each boy would put increasing numbers of candies in his mouth until it got too hot for them. They were definitely trying to out do each other during this game.
  (Of course, we all know that each person is a unique individual with their own set of special characteristics. No one is all boy just as no one is all girl.)