Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Second Look--January 16, 2013

While we were gone last week, we had some unseasonably warm weather with temperatures in the 60s. This fooled some of the plants into sprouting like it was spring. However, the weather has turned cold again and snow is predicted for tonight. Brrrr.

Here's what I found this week during a Second Look.


Crocus, I think that's a flower in the middle of the leaves beginning emerge.

Dried sedum

Crossing juniper trunks

Bone, My wild guess is that it is part of fox's pelvis.



I put orange slices out for the birds about a week ago, but Mr. Squirrel decided that it would be much easier to eat them from the ground.

Maple tree buds. (That was really the color of the sky. It was raining.)