Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Second Look--October 10, 2012

We've had some cold, overcast days this week with rain here and there. The result was that I've been cold, but I haven't gotten out my heavy jacket yet. The marigolds are still blooming and the maple trees have just started to turn. Many plants are ready for winter either by setting their blooms for next year or forming seeds to sprout in the spring. During this week's Second Look, I focused on seeds. Although they may not be as colorful as the flowers before them, I find seeds have their own beauty.

Here's What I Found This Week

Coneflower seed heads. Notice the flower on the right has had some seeds eaten by a goldfinch.

Acorns from our biggest oak tree

I plan to save seeds from these marigolds for next year.

Siberian iris seed pods. I leave these up during the winter for interest.

Japanese maple seeds

Milkweed seed pod with milkweed bugs (and a lone lady bug).  Even though they look like two different kinds of bugs, they are all milkweed bugs. The difference is maturity. The more mature the bug, the more black it has.

Day lily seed pod

Dogwood berries