Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunflower Fields

or Always the Last Place You Look

Yesterday, Ward and I went in search of sunflower fields we had heard about in McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area, MD. Apparently they plant sunflower fields every year as part of their bird management program, and they are spectacular to see. This quest was inspired by a lone, beautiful sunflower that bloomed in our yard this year.  

The inspirational flower in our yard

Our first two stops yielded only a historical marker and several overgrown fields. No sunflowers. We then decided to rename our sunflower quest, our wildflower walk. 

Some sights from our wildflower walk.

After our wildflower walk, we were on the road again to find the elusive sunflowers. During this part of our search, we had another "wildflower walk" and found a tree across the road that made things look pretty grim. 

Another field with no sunflowers

This roadblock was almost the last straw.

Ward was ready to give up after the tree across the road, but I encouraged him to try one more area. And guess what? We found them! They were in the last placed we looked. Isn't that the way it always goes.  :)

Our beautiful, vine-covered sunflower field

However, they didn't quite look like what we had seen in the pictures. Vines had engulfed them, only sometimes leaving their bright heads exposed. But they were beautiful all the same. I think it was the thrill of the hunt and the success of the find that made them that way.