Thursday, August 9, 2012


or School Supply Envy

Long ago and far, far away when I was in first grade, I got my first set of school supplies. Among them was a new yellow and green box of 8 Crayolas, and I loved them. In second grade I got another new box of crayons. This time the box came with 16 colors and new possibilities. However, my excitement waned when I saw that some of my classmates had something more. They had boxes with 32 and 64 crayons in them and I was envious--especially of the box of sixty-four because it had a sharpener on the back. My classmates got to color with sharpened, exotic colors while I colored with dull, plain colors. It didn't seem fair, but I suffered in silence because I knew that my mother had gotten me what was on the list. Every year was the same. I got what was on the list and some kids got the big box with the sharpener. And every year, I was envious.

Time marched on, and I survived. However, the desire for that big box of 64 crayons never left me. I just forgot about it. Thirty years later, as I was starting to buy school supplies for my own kids, I playfully told my mother about my disappointment with my "little" box of crayons. She said she never knew and surprised me by sending a box in the mail.

Doodles from my crayons
I was very excited with my new big box of 64 crayons. I colored everyday in the beginning and sharpened the crayons when they needed it. I even bought a new coloring book to use. And you know what? They were everything I imagined they would be-wonderful. I had no reason to be envious anymore.

--You may be wondering if I bought big boxes of crayons for my kids. Nope, I bought them just what was on the list.

--You may also be wondering if I color much these days. It goes in cycles, but every time I get them out, I get the same thrill.