Thursday, May 17, 2012


Even though I love sweets, marshmallows aren't on the top of my list. Unless, of course, they are on s'mores. Then they are an all time favorite.  I was reminded of this last weekend when we had s'mores at Miss Landers' house. During the course of roasting our marshmallows, someone mentioned that they now made flat marshmallows to go between graham crackers. I thought that idea sounded very gimmicky, but I guess "Build it and they will come," or "Make it and they will impulse buy it," applies here.

Anyway, I wondered what else I didn't know about the world of marshmallows, so I did a little Googling. I learned that first the marshmallows were actually made from the root of the marshmallow plant and were used to treat sore throats. I also learned that along with the flat marshmallows, there are mini ones, fruity ones, chocolate ones, and just about every other size and shape you can imagine. In addition, I discovered that the world record for stacking regular size marshmallows with chopsticks is five and I found a recipe for making marshmallow peeps.

Despite all of this new found knowledge, I continue to hold onto the one thing I know for sure. Marshmallows are one of the best highly processed foods out there--as long as they are used on s'mores.

Making s'mores at Miss Landers