Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Second Look--January 11, 2011

Other than a couple of inconsequential flurries, we haven't had much snow this winter.*  Although I appreciate the beauty of the snow, I rather enjoy the starkness of the winter landscape. The grays and browns make a nice backdrop for any bit of color that is present--like the dandelion I found while doing a Second Look this week.

See what I found this week.


Peeling bark on silver maple tree.

Dried Hydrangea blossom

Moss (Theodore says that I need more of an explanation., so I'll try again.) Moss--green spongy stuff.

Azalea buds waiting for spring.

Dried sedum blossom

Looking at the lower half of the yard. (Nothing like a shadow to put a little height on you.)

*We did have a little snow in October, but I don't really count that since the flowers were still blooming when it melted.