Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Impulse Buy

An Impulse Buy and a Product Endorsement

I bought a pair Leaf Scoops at a local hardware store on an impulse. I paid $7 for them and I'm happy that I did it. These work the best among the many things we've tried for picking up leaves including blowing or raking onto a tarp and the old stand by of picking them up with hand and rake.  While the concept is simple, Gardex's design is just right. I highly recommend them. Next I'm going to try them with mulch.

See Leaf Scoops In Action with Theodore.

Here's what other satisfied users are saying about Leaf Scoops:

Theodore--"Picks up leaves twice as fast as using a rake."

Ward--"Made filling the leaf bin a pleasure. Since you pick up more in each scoop than other methods, you're bending over less. That's good for your back"

Wally--"They aid in the efficient maneuvering of leaves and other yard waste."

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