Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Second Look--Feb. 1, 2012

For variety, I did a Second Look in our garage this week. Some of the things you'll see were left by animals that visited the garage and some of the things are from our nature shelf.  Our nature shelf holds items that we find in the yard that we think are interesting.

A couple of notes: (1) The items from the shelf were photographed on our recycling bin if you want something for scale. (2) The bird nests we found were on the ground with no eggs in them. We think they were probably blown out of a tree during a storm. Songbirds are protected by law and this includes their nests. Rest assured that no song birds were harmed in the preparation of this post.

Here's what I found this week.

Fungus dug out of the ground

Bird nests-Cardinal?

Hickory nut that something has eaten

Deer jaw bone

House sparrow nest in cubby where light bulbs are stored

Yellow jacket nests. These were found in the ground with the 3 layers on top of each other. And yes, I did get stung.

Snake skin. We found this in front of Ward's work bench. We think it belonged to the black snake we had been seeing in the yard.

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