Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Second Look--January 25, 2012

This week, we had weather that made the outside pretty to see but miserable to visit. Therefore, I stayed mostly inside and watched the world through our windows. One of the things I discovered while doing this is that the tufted titmouse can raise and lower its tuft just like a cardinal can. I saw both a tufted titmouse and a male cardinal with smooth heads at our feeder this week.

Recently, I have been enjoying a Second Look (even from the inside) because I am learning such interesting things about birds. Without the Second Look, I'm not sure I would have spent long enough watching the feeder to notice the subtle differences I am seeing.

Here's What I Saw This Week

Snow and ice in the upper backyard.


Pieris japonica

Squirrel enjoying a treat on icy ground

Something opened the door and ate the entire suet cake. See above picture for prime suspect.

Female and male cardinals. Notice the male cardinal's crest is down.

Tufted titmouse--one smooth and one tufted. It can raise and lower its tuft like a cardinal.

This week's pictures were taken through my windows because it was too cold for me outside. Also, I didn't want to slip on the ice. Gotta protect my new camera, you know.


  1. You are taking some very nice bird pictures.

  2. You are taking some very nice bird pictures.


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