Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Second Look--December 21, 2011

Exploring the yard for Second Look posts this time of year is certainly getting me outside more than normal.  I don't like cold weather and tend to stay out of it whenever possible. However, I went out on a cold, damp, and windy day this week to explore the yard with Theodore. We found evidence of deer everywhere including  hoof prints, flattened grass and leaves where they have been laying, and droppings. I resisted one more time taking a picture of their droppings. You're welcome.

The red bellied woodpecker has returned to our feeder after a few weeks absence and the juncos are ever abundant as are all of the other little brown and gray birds that we can't seem to remember the names of no matter how many times Aunt Martha tells us what they are.

See what we found this week.

Red bellied woodpecker.

Weathered black walnut shell half

Green tinted fungus

Part of a shoe that looks like it has gone through a lawn mower.  This shoe did not belong to anyone here.

Black raspberry canes. Or are they blackberry canes? I will forever be confused between these two plants unless they have berries on them.

Trumpet lily (Lilium regal) seed pods

Grazing cattle behind us. It looks like they have a thicker winter coat now.

Weathered hydrangea blossom that was tumbling in the wind far from the hydrangea bush.

Junco on patio

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