Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year--2012

Happy New Year! 
Some years I make New Year's resolutions and sometimes I don't--usually because it takes too much effort to think them through. This year the work has been done for me. I found a list of  Woodie Guthries' New Year's Resolutions for 1942 and I think that I've found a pretty good list to work from. He covers every topic from "Take bath" to "Stay glad" and they are all (almost all) things that would be good for me to do. I'm going to start simple and work up to the whole list. Today I am going to change my socks (#11).

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 Hat Tip: boingboing via Science of Heroes


But Wait, There's More!
What song is Woodie Guthrie best know for?
This Land is Your Land

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