Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Second Look, November 9, 2011

See what was happening in the yard this week when I took my Second Look.

The Japanese maple has not lost any of its leaves yet.
The hydrangea has bloomed one last time this fall.

A blue jay has been visiting our feeder recently.

Balloon flower seed pods.

A new color of mum is blooming.

A cardinal at the feeder one early, foggy morning.

Deer were also out that foggy morning.

Later that afternoon, they were relaxing in the yard. I think they're getting too comfortable here.

Dusk comes around 5 o'clock now that we've had the time change.


  1. Lovely photos as usual! The picture of the deers making them-selves at home is precious. Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature.

  2. You have some really lovely photos here. I particularly like ones of the Japanese maple and seed pods.


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