Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Second Look--November 30, 2011

The ground is still wet from all of the rain we had last week, but that rain coupled with some warm weather has tricked a few things into thinking that it's Spring. Otherwise, the landscape is getting browner and grayer with weeds providing most of the color. Here is what I found on my Second Look around the yard this week.

The leaves are off of the sweet gum tree but the balls (seed pods) remain.

One lone bloom on the forsythia bush. These usually bloom in early spring.

A deer track that shows the deer skidded on the still wet ground from last week's rain.

Red berries on an unknown bush.

Even though they turn brown, oak leaves are often the last to fall. Some don't fall until the following spring when the new growth pushes them off.

Seed pods on Asiatic bittersweet vine

A daffodil bulb that somehow made it to the surface and sprouted during the warm weather.

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