Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Second Look--September 14, 2011

September is National Mushroom Month, so I'm focusing on mushrooms and other fungi this week in the Second Look around the yard. It's curious that in one area, where there were several white mushrooms, all of them were knocked over. I'm not sure how that happened, but in earlier days, I would have suspected Wally and Theodore. Also, I know essentially nothing about fungi, so I welcome any help in identifying things.

Here's what I found.

One of the white mushrooms that was knocked over. I've heard that squirrels and deer like mushrooms.

I don't know if these are little mushrooms are somehow related to the moss they're in.

Little fungi growing on mulch.

Orange, wavy fungus on stump.

White-edged fungus on rotting stump

Tan, flat-topped mushrooms

White fungus on rotting stump

Cluster of orange mushrooms

Hat Tip: A Place to Reside

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  1. I love mushrooms! I love eating them and...kicking them over. When I saw the photo of the white one, I showed my husband and swore to him that I did NOT kick it over. :-)

    PS - I like your "Who am I?" page, especially the "Why I blog" section.


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