Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Second Look--August 31, 2011

Here in the East, we've had an interesting week with both an earthquake and a hurricane. So in this week's Second Look around the yard, I decided to focus on the things that have the best chance of surviving the wrath of Mother Nature--Bugs.

Skipper butterfly on zinnia

Praying mantis on side of house

Bumble bee on basil blossom

Stink bug on hosta leaf

Well-camouflaged walking stick in grass (See next picture for a hint of where it is.)

Looks like it has lost one of it's back legs.

Robber fly caught in spider's web on side of garage.

House fly in field, not in our house.

Green lacewings on maple limb. 

Ants rebuilding their hills in driveway crack after storm
Thanks to Daniel Marlos at  What's that Bug? for helping me identify the robber fly.


  1. Since I'm already seeing Halloween decorations in the stores, this seems an appropriate "creepy, crawly" second look. I'm also interested to see what form your winter-time second looks take.

    I'm hoping my list will keep me thankful and not necessarily just brave in the face of thunderstorms...though I don't mind a little extra courage in the face of a storm. :-)

  2. I'm also interested to see what form my winter Second Looks take especially since I don't like to go outside in cold weather. I just keep looking and see what I find.


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