Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Chairs

We got two new chairs this weekend. They are replacing two blue chairs in our living room that most often seated visitors. That made us ponder about how our old chairs got in such bad shape.

Our old blue chairs
Could it be that they are over twenty years old? They were some of the first furniture Ward and I bought and part of the right of passage to “finally, we have enough money to buy new furniture.” No more hand-me-down stuff unless we really want it.

Could it be that the chairs coexisted with two active boys? Wally and Theodore just didn't put their feet on the chairs. They jumped on them and they jumped off of them. They hid behind them and and made forts with them. They turned them upside down and drug them into other rooms. And occasionally, they even read in them with their shoes on the seat.

Could it be that the chairs have been a playground for six different cats that have resided with us over the years? It seems as soon as we got one of them trained to properly use a scratching post, another one would have a relapse and use the chairs to sharpen their claws. That's not to mention all of the wild chasing they did across them.

So when I reflect on the old chairs, I could become a bit nostalgic. The chairs were there when Ward and I were starting our lives together. They were there as Wally and Theodore were learning to explore their young world. They were there as we were bringing each new cat into our family.

The new chairs that we hope will fare better with the cats.

But I say, ”Out with the old, and in with the new.” The charity truck is picking them up Monday. I've got plenty of other things in bad shape to use if I want to reminisce. Also, I just found out that Ward never liked them anyway.

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