Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Second Look 7-13-11

A Second Look around the yard this week provided some disappointment. We have been carefully watching our first tomato ripen. When it was just a few days away from perfection, we found it on the ground with several bites taken out of it. We're not sure what creature helped itself, but we suspect a squirrel. Maybe it was hungry because the cardinals have been spending a fair amount of time on the bird feeder. However, the squirrel still looks fat to me. 

Also, we have seen at least two different fawns, and just recently we have seen one without its mother close by. I guess it's growing up.

Here are some things I found this week around the yard.

Disappointing first tomato

Day lily bud starting to open

Hosta Blooms

Tiger lily

Pink yarrow

White balloon flower with katydid.

Cardinal guarding the bird feeder
Adventurous fawn

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