Monday, July 18, 2011

Road Trip--Day Three, The Falls

Today was a day to get wet.

1. Got rained on early in the morning while we visited a park honoring the Navy Seabees.

2. Rode Maid of the Mist boat that took us to the base of both the US Falls and Canadian Falls.  Even though we were issued ponchos, we got wet. We didn't care because it was great!

3. Walked to the base of the Bridal Falls to Cave of the Winds. Got issued poncho and shoes but got very wet.  Didn't matter because we loved the roar, the spray, and  the rainbows.

4. Visited Power Vista visitors center for the NY Power Project. Still drying out while we learned that in the summer they divert 50% of the water from the Falls to make electricity. In the winter (non tourist season), they divert 75 % of the water away. It's hard to imagine what the Falls would look like with twice as much water roaring over them.

5. Visited old Fort Niagara, a fort built by the French in the early 1700's. Wish we were getting wet because the heat returned with a vengence.

6. Crossed the border into Canada to a new hotel. Felt good to get wet in the shower.

7. Sneaks stayed hidden most of the day because he didn't want to get wet. He only came out then and again usually getting in trouble when he did.

8. Tomorrow's plan is a mystery. The men of the family planned it while I was writing this.

Navy SeaBees mascot

Niagara Falls at last!

Maid of the Mist with our ineffective blue ponchos.

Theodore in special shoe to enter Cave of the Winds walk.

Sneaks got a little exuberant at the Power Vista center.

We thought we were hot, but this reenactor at Fort Niagara had heavy wool clothes on.


Yesterday, your hint for today's activities was we hoped to find no floating barrels. This, of course, was in reference to all of the people who go over the Falls in a barrel. First person to survive this stunt was Annie Taylor in 1901. She was a school teacher looking for fame.

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