Friday, July 22, 2011

Road Trip--Day Seven, Downtown Toronto

Thank goodness, today was about 10 degrees F cooler than yesterday. I never thought that 90 degrees would feel good, but we functioned pretty well in it.

Ward and Wally got up early and took a hike in a local park. Theo and I stayed back and did some necessary laundry.

This part of the ROM is made of 5 interlocking structures.
Then we set off for Toronto. Traffic was still busy, so we explored neighborhood streets trying to find our way out of the stop and go traffic on the main highways. Our destination was the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), the largest museum of science and cultures in Canada. We only had time to explore a small portion of the museum, but we learned a few things:

--The Canadian flag with the maple leaf wasn't adopted until 1965.
--99 % of the species in the world are smaller than a bee.
--Summer camp groups are noisy.
--There are more red foxes in North America than there are dogs.
--Sneaks enjoyed the museum.

Sneaks swore that these quartz crystals were a hands-on exhibit.

After the museum, we explored more of downtown Toronto including the financial district, water front, and tourist areas. On first inspection, the city seems vibrant and diverse. In the tourist area, we visited the CN tower, a 1815' communications tower with elevators and observation decks. Until last year, this was the tallest tower in the world. On clear day, you can see Niagara Falls. It was not a clear day.
CN  Tower

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