Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Second Look around the Yard, 6-8-11

A Second Look around the yard this week was scary as I found several invasive vines ready to take over the world or at least the trees and plants they were near. I found poison ivy, Virginia creeper, Japanese honeysuckle, wild grape, trumpetcreeper, mile-a-minute, and bindweed vines.  All I can say is, "Danger, Danger Will Robinson."* If you see any of these in your yard, pull them immediately.

Poison ivy with its typical three leaves.

Japanese honeysuckle. Did you know that the flowers start out white and fade to yellow?

Bindweed (wild morning glory) Its roots can be as far as 30' underground.

Trumpetcreeper. This was originally planted by a previous owner who liked its orange flowers. However, it has since become out of control.

Virginia creeper. This is often mistaken for poison ivy. However, there are two important differences: it has five leaves instead of three and handling it does not make you itch.

Wild grape vine

Mile-a-minute. This vine with the interesting triangular leaves also has thorns.

This picture has at least three of the vines mentioned above. Can you name them?

If you want more information on invasive vines, go to the USDA site on invasive plants or check out the Ortho book, Controlling Weeds. Of the many books I have read on weeds, I found this one the most useful.

*Does anyone remember Lost in Space and what the Robot always said to Will when there was trouble?

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