Saturday, March 3, 2012

Timber--Part One

Today we had a maple tree taken down that was dead because of a persistent sapsucker.  The crew we hired was amazing and the tree was reduced to a few wood chips in less than an hour. However, its memories will last much longer.

The maple tree was Theodore's tree. He spent much of his childhood there. It was the one he hid in when he didn't want us to find him. The one where he could go to be alone. The one where he found comfort when he he couldn't understand things. It was also the one to climb with Wally and his friends and the one to show off in. Ward and I liked the beauty of the tree and the shade it provided on hot summer days. However, it was Theodore's tree.

As a mother, I already miss Theodore's tree. I'm glad I have the memories.

Below is a poem that Theodore wrote about this maple tree when he was nine.

My Climbing Tree
Up in my tree,
I'm as happy as can be,
Without a care or a worry.

With leaves everywhere,
Twigs and branches in the air,
Up here, there is no hurry.

With wind on my face,
And astounding grace,
Up my tree I scurry.

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