Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second Look--February 8, 2012

This week we continued having our mild, wintery-mix weather which meant warm days interspersed with a little snow, ice, and rain. So when I did a Second Look around the yard, the only consistent thing was mud. This really showed up in the field behind us where the cattle tromp around.

I also continued my fascination with bird crests. I watched the male cardinal, that I've only seen with his crest down, raise it this week. He didn't put up many feathers, but I could see it all the same. Very exciting.

Here's what I saw this week.

Rhododendron bud

Conenose bug (?)

Silver maple buds (Wally's hand)

Fresh hay was just delivered for the cattle behind us.

White breasted nuthatch

The deer have discovered me and are starting to flee.

Deer hoof print

Male cardinal starting to raise his crest

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