Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Second Look, August 3, 2011

The heat continues and I don't want to be outside. I don't think many of the plants are happy out there either. However, I am excited that a small plant I got from a friend several years ago has finally started to bloom. I thought she gave me a hydrangea, but it turns out that I have a hibiscus. Also, when I first starting doing a Second Look, I thought I wouldn't repeat any plants. I would only take pictures of new things blooming. However, I have tossed that idea by the wayside. This time of year, I will show you anything that can survive the weather.

Here's what a found on a Second Look around the yard this week.

Balloon flowers

Yellow pear tomatoes

New hibiscus bloom

 Lone coneflower growing in middle of hibiscus bush

New sweet gum ball along with one hanging on from last year.


Coleus (Kong variety)

The deer are eating closer to the house as more plants are dying from the heat.

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