Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This and that for February

February has flown by. I'm not sure what I've been doing, but I must have been busy for me to reach the end of the month so quickly. Here are a few things that I remember.

--I took a trip to visit my mother with my sister. During the visit we got a chance to spend some time with friends who raise goats. When not during their climbing and jumping hijinks, goats like to be petted just like any other animal. 
My goat friend sticking her nose through the fence looking for some petting.

--Ward and I spent an afternoon exploring the neighborhood. It turns out that Ward's ancestors had a large farm not far from our house. There are even roads named after them. His grandmother did some research years ago that found out that much of her mother's family was born close to here, but Ward did not remember anything about it. It was fun to discover a family connection to our new area. I may have to stop calling it new soon. We've been here over a year.
It was pretty fun to find these intersecting road signs because Ward's Great Grandmother Gillis married Mr. Perry, his great grandfather. 

There are still several large farms in the area.

--And speaking of Ward, he had surgery on his wrist this week and is going to be on light duty for a while.
Ward decided that his light duty should involve working a puzzle. 

--As you know, we got new windows last week. Now we have to do some painting and cleaning around them, but they look much better already.
A picture of one our old windows that seems to give a new meaning to "picture window". 

--Overall the weather is definitely warming and the yard is responding to this. Birds are singing and leaves are emerging. We're not out of the woods yet as far as snow and cold weather go, but it's been nice to have some warmer days sprinkled in here and there.
A few forsythia are starting to bud. They will probably freeze, but I give them credit for trying.

The crocus I planted last fall are coming up. Yea!

I guess if you fill in the rest of the month with all the regular things like work, grocery shopping, and taxes (how could I forget tax prep?) maybe that's enough to fill February. Tomorrow we get a fresh new month to fill up. It's great how that keeps happening. :)


  1. You had a nice February. Have an equally good March. Time is just flying faster and faster for me and before I blink it will be summer.

    1. You're right. Summer will be here before we know it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :)

  2. I hope your husband's surgery went as well as mine did and his recovery is just as pain free. How interesting to see the road signs with his great grandparents' names on them! Love the photograph of your "picture window"! It certainly frames that view nicely!

    It sounds like you had a full month, in February. Let's hope March will be a good one, too.

    1. Ward's recovery is going well. The only hassle is he can't get his arm wet until the stitches come out in 10 days. However, he managing. Even though they are not my direct relatives, I enjoyed the whole scavenger hunt looking for Ward's family. Se found headstones for some of this family in a little church in the area.

  3. Hope Ward's wrist heals well. I thinking working a puzzle is definitely "light duty". :)

    You seem to always end up in picturesque places to live. What a nice view!

    We have also been enjoying some springlike weather. My mood was lifted this week--sunshine and temps in the 50s will do that to me!

    1. He loves working puzzles and this was certainly a good reason to get one out. He'll probably do one or two more before he gets his bandages off. I think he'll have a few more weeks of light duty after that, but we'll see.

      Yea, for warm weather everywhere. We're supposed to have a wind storm tonight and tomorrow. I'd better go take down the bird feeders and stow the deck furniture before dark.

  4. Spring is here! Yay! I hope your buds don't freeze.

    That photo of the window makes it look JUST like a painting! It's actually very pretty!

    I hope Ward recovers well from his surgery and that it's not too painful.

    I love genealogy! I've researched all of Greg's ancestors and it was so satisfying and frustrating at times too. You'd think more states would have good records and put them online for free... like West Virginia! I got such a kick of looking up a map of Philadelphia and seeing the names of the old roads where some of Greg's maternal ancestors once lived still reflected in the names of streets in Roxbury! The picture of the two street signs with the story that you know about the people who got married is priceless. I wonder if they'd get a kick out of it too if they got to see it :)

    Happy March! I hope you get to enjoy your backyard soon.

    1. I'm not sure if they ever saw the signs. Mr. Perry died in the Flu Epidemic of 1918. Miss Gillis died in 1970 but had moved out of the area by then.

      I am enjoying the spring in your area and your time on the patio each day. I'm going to have to spend more time on my deck so the birds will be comfortable at the feeders if I'm around. I get close to the window and they all fly away.

  5. I love your windows but really like that color around them. The paint color. The goat looks like he or she is grinning.

    1. The color around the windows is distorted from the light coming in from the window. They are more of a bluegreen than an darker olive green. Although I do like the darker color of the picture. That was the color of the walls in my last bedroom. I decided to make a change in our new bedroom.


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