Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good Morning

The dawn is breaking. It's early morn. I say good morning to Ward, then quietly get up so he can go back to sleep. Downstairs the cats are howling loudly to get feed and be released from the basement where they are banished at night. I feed the cats and then go to check my email and blog. The cats soon join me to see what views the morning has to offer. The birds and the squirrels do not disappoint.

What to do next? The day is full of limitless possibilities but must be considered carefully because the afternoon is going to be sweltering. Definitely time for indoor activities once the sun is high in the sky. The chores for the day seem unappealing. Clean the kitchen that was left in a mess after last night's dinner when we picked blueberries instead of washing dishes. Wash some clothes from the pile in our bedroom. Paperwork is also calling. I've tried to muffle its calls by piling more on top of it, but it's not working. I'm also thinking that I'd like to go on the county's farm tour this afternoon if I can figure out how to beat the heat.

Where to start? I think I'll take a walk and think about that as I see how the rest of neighborhood is waking up. See you later.

How did you start your day?