Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thankful Sunday--February 21, 2016

The cats and I are thankful for Wally's visit.

Wally visited this weekend and as usual, the cats enjoyed his visit. Wally has always been one to pay extra attention to the cats whether it was making them a special hideaway, a cozy place to sleep, or a new toy. And this weekend was no exception. This time he set up a new play place for them with an old box and a shoe string--classic cat magnets. The box was big enough for them to sit up and see the world or crouch down and hide with the added fun of a peep hole in the side. The cats stalked and pounced each other in and out of the box as well as chased a shoe string all around it. These antics have provided hours of entertainment for both the cats and us. For Wally's visit and this simple fun, the cats and I are thankful.