Friday, September 4, 2015

Utah Vacation--Day 3

Wally has been doing his own version of posting about what he's seeing on the trip to his friends. He's very succinct. His comments have gone something like this. "Nevada--brown, very brown. Arizona--brown, Utah--brown with green polka dots." And it's these green polka dots that are causing our allergies to flare up. Especially Theo's. I guess we're not used to this Western pollen.

However, that didn't stop us from having a good day today. Almost perfect as Ward said.  We spent the day in Zion Canyon National Park and timing, parking, and weather worked out just right. Zion was very beautiful with high cliffs of multicolored rock surrounding you everywhere. An ancient Indian name for the area meant, "rocks that go straight up." Very descriptive and appropriate.

We caught up with the Virgin River again with a hike down the Narrows. The Narrows is a very narrow valley the river has cut with steep sandstone rising 1000' or more along the sides. The trail for this hike is the river itself. So we went slip-sliding away down the river as we walked over large rocks that have been described as slippery bowling balls. But we never fell down thanks for our trusty walking poles. The deepest the water got was to Theo's thighs, but I only went as far as my knees. We all really enjoyed this hike. Wally said that if he lived in the area he would do it every weekend.

A note about pictures before I proceed with them. If the sun is bright, I can't see anything in the view finder screen of my camera except a reflection of my face. So, I just point and shoot and hope that I get the subject in the picture that I want. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. And as everyone knows, a snap shot can never do justice to the landscape you're seeing. Just take my word for it. The rocks we saw today were spectacular.

Here are a few things we saw today.

The Narrows Hike


Other things from Zion that we saw today. 

These clouds actually brought a little rain.

Mule deer fawn. Its ears are a lot larger than I'm used to seeing.

Zion Arch

The road was very curvy getting in and out of the park.