Thursday, May 28, 2015

Where's A-Z?

I think I need the A-Z challenge back. I seem to lack motivation for posting on my blog when left to my own devices. But today, I am determined to post. I can't seem to come up with anything that captures my fancy, so I will just go with what doesn't capture my fancy. And right now, that seems to be a stream of consciousness of what I did yesterday.

Yesterday, I got great satisfaction out of finally lowering our cable/phone/internet bill. Should have done it sooner. Most of our features were out of date, so they were upgraded to better service for a lower cost--$25/month lower. We lost a few channels, but I didn't even know that most of them existed. And for once during a call with Verizon, they didn't try to upgrade our service and add a bunch of premium channels. Yea!

However, that phone call lasted much longer than I expected it to, so I wasn't able to get in the errands I had planned before work. So they will have to happen this morning, unless of course, I spend too much time here at the computer.

This picture has nothing to do with this post except that I ran onto it while I was writing it. It is the cats in their playground otherwise known as Wally's room years ago.

Went to work and am back home now.

I was able to accomplish the errands before work. I mailed some letters, picked up a prescription, and had a blood test. And speaking of blood tests, does anyone else have hard-to-hit, rolling, slow bleeding veins? They seem to run in my family and having a blood draw never easy for anyone involved. However a few years ago, after a couple of sticks, the nurse said, "Always point to this spot right here for anyone doing this." And it has been smooth sailing ever since. It made me wonder why it took all of those years of multiple sticks each time for someone to figure it out.

One time after four tries and no luck, the nurse called the doctor in. The doctor tried another time without success and I started to cry. The the doctor-with-no-bedside-manner asked what I was crying for and said that my husband didn't cry when he was stuck. Well, first of all, she shouldn't have been discussing another patient with me even if he was my husband, and next my husband's veins jump out and say pick me anytime he has a blood test. He has never had a problem.  In fact, when he gives blood, they call him a good bleeder. We never went back to that doctor and I'm can laugh about it all these years later, can't you tell?

Tonight I have a book club meeting where we bring our nominations for what we want to read next year. We vote on them next month. The book we are discussing tonight is The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I know that the book has been quite popular over the last couple of years and I can see why. It's just my style. It will be interesting to hear what others think about it.

Until next time...