Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Second Look--May 27, 2015

This is the perfect time of the year outside. The mornings are cool and the afternoons are warm. Everything is newly green and lush with a different kind of flower popping out every week. The stars of the flower show this week are the iris.

The baby bluebirds almost look like real birds now. In one short week, they have gone from featherless creatures that were all eyes and mouths to little birds with some tiny feathers, and eyes that are proportionate to their heads. The mother is very attentive to them. She seems either to be feeding them or standing sentry on top of their box. I was lucky to take a sneak peek at the babies when I caught her away.

Here are some things I saw this week 
during a Second Look.

Siberian Iris

Bearded iris

Bearded iris

I think the cold winter we had was hard on the squirrels because I'm not seeing as many as last year.

Most of the bleeding heart have already gone to seed, so it was a pleasant surprise to find these.

The mother bluebird guarding the box her babies are in.

All four babies appear to be developing well.

This what they looked like just one short week ago!