Sunday, May 3, 2015

Q is for Queens and Princesses and Royals Update

Royal Baby is Born!

Recently, I talked about the fact that Ward didn't know that Kate, Prince William's wife, was pregnant. This amazed me because I didn't think you could filter this information out because it seemed to be everywhere. Well, some how he did as well as a few of you. Some of you said to let you know when Kate had the baby. In case you've been able to also filter out the birth. Here's the facts.

Kate delivered a baby girl Saturday, May 2, 2015. The baby weighed 8 lb 3oz. The name is not yet announced. 

Prince William and Duchess Katherine give the world
USA Today

Details and Commentary. 
More than you may want to know.

--Kate delivered the baby three hours after she entered the hospital. All of the press was saying that she had a three hour labor. Well, maybe. Most people know that you can be in labor for a long time before you go to the hospital. I'm guessing that Kate had medical professionals around her before she went to the hospital, so who knows how long she was really in labor. For her sake, I hope it really was short and sweet.

--A few hours after the new princess was born, William brought the big brother, George, to the hospital to see his sister. He is as cute as ever and has learned to wave politely to the crowds. His training to be a royal has begun.

--The crowd outside was anticipating an appearance by Kate after they saw her hairstylist enter the hospital. Sure enough, about an hour after that, Kate emerged looking beautiful with the new baby. The baby is taking after her mother. Newborn perfection of a perfect chubby face.

--Also, Kate walked down steps in high heals while carrying the new princess. William attentively gave her a hand, but she didn't need it. Really, is she still numb? Aren't there some areas that still require some walking gingerly? I know I still had some after a few days, let alone a few hours, with both a vaginal and C-section births. I would have never been able to walk in heels like that just after giving birth. But then again, I have never been able to walk in heels like that anytime.

--Kate gave birth Saturday morning and she and William took the baby home that evening. They buckled the baby in the car seat and drove home. Just that easy. Well sort of, security was everywhere and they went to the palace instead of where they're really going to live 100 miles away.

--The name has not yet been announced. Alice, Charlotte, and Diana are favorites with the bookies, who by the way aren't doing as well as they hoped because more people bet on the baby being a girl than a boy. I'm not too excited about the name because the royal babies always have a long string of official names and then the parents call them whatever they want.

--More details will emerge in the next few days. If anything earth shattering happens, I'll update you. However, now it's time to let a young family to get to know each other in private.

BTW, Miss Landers informed Ward of the blessed event. He reacted to the good natured teasing he got about missing the boat on this one too. Actually, he might be kind of proud of it.