Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Model Engineering Show

Last weekend, I went to model engine expo with Ward and Theo. The show consisted of an entire convention hall filled with model engines and related things. Most of the engines were small scale, steel replicas of steam engines. Work to construct them was carefully done including making and casting molds for various pieces. They were remarkable works of craftsmanship and engineering. However, the expo did not hold my attention nearly as long as it did Ward's and Theo's who were also excited by the tools that were offered for sale. So while they were studying the finer points of gear ratios and vises, I took a few pictures.

There were rows and rows of various sizes and kinds of model engines.

Ward was interested in the Cyclops nail remover. It must be able to remove some pretty big nails because it was very heavy for me to lift.

An attraction for many kids (and adults) was this large course for remote control trucks.

There was also a lake for remote control boats. We were very impressed with these kids who didn't even dip a finger in the water. We commented to Theo that he would have been swimming in there at their age.

These men were watching a welding demonstration.

This was a working model of a factory where one engine drove all of the machines.

At a display of rings for sale, this man was trying to figure out the birthstone for April. 

This was a demonstration of a computer controlled milling machine.

This WWII veteran was my favorite spectator of the day. He quietly moved from display to display without comment.